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Liberating Performers - Performance Anxiety
Escaping the Trap of Nervousness, Self-judgment and Fear

An audio recording of a workshop by David Gorman   
MP3 Format on 1 CD-ROM   (20 hours listening time)
ISBN 978-1-897452-65-3    ISRC CA-G42-08-00000    (A0003-LPR-EN)

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Workshop Description:            What's on the CD - how is it structured?
What is it?
This is a recording of the ""Liberating Performers" series of workshops designed to help performers (in this case singers and musicians) get rid of problems and to take advantage of our amazing in-built learning abilities to develop performing skills more effortlessly and enjoyably. 

To give you an idea of the content, here is the Course Description of that workshop:


As a performer do you suffer from stage fright and nervousness?

Do you find yourself fearing the harsh judgment of others or do you beat yourself up with negative criticism?

If you do, you know it sure isn't any fun to go through.

You also know it brings down your performance. It seems to make all your skill and practice fly out the window. It sabotages your auditions, and it becomes more and more of a vicious circle until you start to be afraid of it happening before it has even happened.

Like most people you've probably tried to get rid of it with lots of techniques and tricks which hopefully do help in the moment... But have you really solved it or does it just come right back again next time?

Imagine performing with confidence, just being who you are !
Imagine being truly liberated from nervousness and judgment !
You can be... and it doesn't even take that long !!

This workshop, in a very practical and experiential way with lots of opportunities to try things out, will show you:

—  why you get hit with stage fright and judgment at some times but not at others,

—  and why some people have it almost all the time and others never or hardly at all.

—  what it is that hooks you into the situation in a way that forces you to react with fear and doubt,

—  how the whole habit is not because of something wrong with you or something lacking in your ability, but because of a crucial misunderstanding of how our human "valuing system" really works,

—  and best of all, how easy it is once you see through these misconceptions to no longer be caught up in them,

—  and to be able to meet any performance situation – no matter how big or important – free of fear and nagging doubt, with all your skills intact, and with a presence of mind that will allow you to not only cope with anything, but also to bring out your expression and creativity...

It is not uncommon for these sort of problems to be solved in one workshop. Almost certainly you will take away such a different way of seeing things that you will be permanently changed, not just in performance but wherever else in your life these habits operate.

This LearningMethods approach has helped hundreds of performers and revolutionized the pedagogy of teachers all around the world. It is now a regular part of the teaching curriculum in numerous conservatories and colleges in Europe and North America.

Come along and see for yourself —
all you have to lose is your problems !

Just bring yourself, your passion for performing, a willingness to explore and experiment, and a desire to be liberated from nervousness, negative judgment and undermining fear…

What's on the CD? - How is it structured?

There are almost 20 hours of material on the CD including the first day of a recent workshop at a music school in addition to the full workshop described below — this first day comprises a very clear exposition of the Liberating Performers approach to the issue of performance anxiety.

The participants of the full workshop recording — all singers and singing teachers — bring pretty much the whole range of performance anxiety problems into the workshop, and each of them has a chance to explore their situation in specific detail, revealing where and why they get trapped in their judgment and anxiety reactions.

Along with the in-depth explorations of each person's situation, David also describes the nature of our inbuilt "Value Assessment" system and its Four Elements that we need to be clear about to avoid making crucial mistaken perceptions of the performance situation. This will give you a whole new understanding of what you are caught in and how you can meet performance moments differently.

Whatever the specific details of your own performance anxiety, you will find insights from one or more of these examples about what you are caught in. And, you'll be shown the specific steps each person learns to apply in practice to go into performance in a new way. Then you'll hear all the feedback about how people found it so different for them.

Of course, these insights are equally applicable to any sort of performance: singing, music, dance, acting, circus arts, public speaking, business presentations or meetings, even social anxiety situations, so the material on this workshop will also help you learn about and change any of those habits too.

Note on the recording: These are not studio recordings, but recordings from live interactive workshops. The sound was recorded live on a professional digital recorder and is usually of high quality. It captures the flavor of the workshop atmosphere with real people learning and sharing. But occasionally the sound may be fainter due to normal movement activity during the workshop or when overlaid by outside noise. However, on the whole, this should not interfere with your ability to make sense of what is said.

What does the CD contain?
Liberating Performers workshop                      
         (almost 20hours)

       01_Liberating Performers_Day1AM 2009_246m46s.mp3         247 min. (4 hrs, 7 min)
       02_Liberating Performers_Day1AM 2008_141m56s.mp3         147 min. (2 hrs, 27min)
       03_Liberating Performers_Day1PM 2008_182m53s.mp3         183 min. (3hrs, 3min)
       04_Liberating Performers_Day2AM 2008_114m51s.mp3         115 min. (1hr, 55min)
       05_Liberating Performers_Day2PM 2008_244m27s.mp3         244 min. (4hrs, 4min)
       06_Liberating Performers_Singer_16m16s.mp3                      16 min.
       07_Liberating Performers_Clarinet_52m41s.mp3                    53 min.
       08_Liberating Performers_Instrument, singer_127m59s.mp3   128 min. (2hrs)
       09_Liberating Performers_Cello, singer_61m05s.mp3              61 min. (1hr, 1min)

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